Joseph Steadman has a servants heart and has dedicated his life to helping other people and animals. His passion is traveling around the world and visiting new cultures who’s spirit lifts and encourages close relationships with locals. 

Family is the most important to all relationships and is prized most dearly to any other. Joseph has three children and three dogs who are the heart of his heart. 

Joseph has earned through prayer and dedication many awards through the years but most import is his ability to share blessings through the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood which he holds highest of all. 

During a distinguished career in the Air Force, Joseph learned the value of service to country and how important it is to live a higher moral standard. This great blessing inspired him to return to school and pursue a degree with BYU-Idaho. The gospel centered study which encompasses faith and compassion for others teaches us how important we all are to growing spiritually in this life. We promise to stand as a light to the world and use our knowledge to uplift others. The standards of being a deciple leader of Jesus Christ push us further each day to lead with kindness. To know and to love one another is the greatest blessing we can have on this earth. 

It is my great honor to use this site to uplift my friends and family and bring together all that would need blessings. Through prayer we are guided each day to love and lift each other to new heights both temporally and spiritually; we will share both.