Adv Writing in Pro Contexts

Course Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to adapt writing to fit the needs of an audience, genre, and situation by asking appropriate questions and thinking critically about the rhetorical situation.
  2. Question and synthesize the works of others in developing coherent, clear, and logical arguments.
  3. Effectively apply primary research to writing.
  4. Show competency in using basic business writing formats, including email, memo, reports, decks, letters, and descriptions.
  5. Gain confidence to use common punctuation, grammar, and mechanics correctly.
  6. Consistently deliver quality writing that is concise, clear, and accurate.

Course Description

Business Communication introduces the fundamentals of rhetorical principles and writing practices using a number of typical business situations. During this course, you will produce effective business letters, memos, reports, employment packages, and collaborative writing. This will prepare you for the demands of business careers that require you to spend significant portions of working hours reading, drafting, and revising written communication.