American Foundations

The history of the United States holds lessons for people everywhere. This course examines the full range of American history with the goal of better understanding the political, economic, and cultural ideals and institutions that explain the successes and limitations of the United States. This course also has interdisciplinary elements and draws deeply from political science, cultural studies, and economics to illuminate the American past.

Course Outcomes

  • Be able to explain the basic principles, truths, and history of American political and economic institutions (including agency, rights, rule of law, constitutionalism, the War for Independence, the U.S. Constitution, religion in America, civil rights, women’s suffrage, immigration, market economics, Keynesianism, Monetarism, the Great Depression, technology, and foreign relations).
  • Be able to converse knowledgeably and respectfully on public issues, apply social theories and correct principles to contemporary situations, and appreciate and defend the universal principles of the American Founding.
  • Become effective disciple leaders and informed citizens of their countries.