MuTaTo Cancer Antibiotic

  1. About AEBI

+++++++++++++++ AEBi was established in the year 2000 and has been managed since then based upon the idea that the ability to manipulate and design peptides has vastly superior advantages to many, if not any, existing and trajectory technologies of drug development. This idea is valid today as well‫. The basic idea is that we do not require a natural lead or a sequence (usually coming from the academia or other research) which are either not strong enough or not specific enough and difficult to manipulate in order to create a drug‫.·         An artificial high complexity pool, representing a broad spectrum of possibilities, manipulated by our technology, will provide the best possible solution. Such a solution will not be hindered or blocked by natural interactions and will be very specific to the problem ‫.·         AEBi, a development-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in discovery and development of therapeutic peptides, has developed a combinatorial biology screening platform technology (IP protected).·         The major advantage is that it can be used not only to find binders to known targets, but to select the best functional molecules between them‫.·         AEBi’s platform is very flexible, exploiting combinatorial biology to discover new and better lead compounds to disease targets.·         SoAP allows AEBi to develop drugs to many illnesses, among them cancer, and is expected to transform the drug discovery R&D phase by significantly reducing the attrition rate of new drug candidates.·         This Breakthrough technology generates very specific lead compounds with greater functionality and improved pharmacological properties.·         Such lead compounds will allow more effective drugs and fewer side effects. The need for such technology is acute and pressing for many reasons.·         The sole external requirement in the screening process is a Defined Target (usually an illness-related protein). 

  1. I.P.

+++++++++++++ ·         We wholly own the I.P. on. The discovery platform.·         We are in the process of receiving a wide range I.P. on the Cancer treatment concept.·         We write additional patents already on specific drugs.  

  1. Experiments verification

++++++++++++++++++ ·         All experiments presented in-Vitro and In-Vivo is carried out by a well reputed an international service provider.   

  1. Public Presentations

+++++++++++++++++++++ ·         Dr. Ilan Morad, CEO, AEBi was a keynote Speaker at 6th DDIP on 29-30 November 2018 at Leonardo Hotel Frankfurt City – South.·         He was discussing insights on AEBi recent results on its proof of concept for a revolutionary Complete Cure for Cancer. ·         Dr. Morad also discussed the advantages of AEBI solution both as a generic and personal medicine. ·         Recent trends are providing additional support to Dr. Morad claim that simultaneous coordinated attack on cancer cells based on the same structure- carrier via over expressed receptors is the way to go. ·         AEBi also presented in Munich & Boston Drug Discovery Progress platform.  

  1. Collaborations

++++++++++++++++ Now that our platform is perfected using our technology we can:·         Find effective peptides (Cyclical or none Cyclical) to many proteins or part of proteins inside or outside the Cell. ·         Prolong the PK of stand-alone peptides using octopus like structure.·         Evade the immune system due to the flexible structure. ·         Penetrate hard targets such as solid tumors. ·         Kill cells selectively and efficiently with no side effects.·         Inhibit cells growth\activity.  

  1. Recognition from the state of Israel

++++++++++++++++·         AEBI got a Status of a technology preferable enterprise from the Israeli treasury ministry. This Status entitles it the lowest tax bracket possible by the state of Israel for an Israeli owned business.  

  1. Presentations


  • Please find links to the Platform (I.P. protected) 
  • First are the links to the platform, the scientific presentation given on November in front of Peers in Drug Discovery innovation program in Frankfurt attended by the best in the business.
  • I also attached some articles that support our general direction.
  • We have a patent on the Platform in the USA EU and Israel.
  • We applied for a sweeping patent the cure for cancer and got an amazingly positive response from the international authorities. This will also be made available. We are in a national Phase.  
  1. What we believe is that:

++++++++++++++++we will offer in a years’ time (first person to be treated in clinical tryouts) for the first time a cure which is supposed to be a complete cure for his cancer – a cure that will be effective from day1 with a duration of a few weeks with no side effects (or minimal – similar to a rush and probably less than a headache) in less costs  of today cutting edge costs. Our solution will be both generic and personal.  Presentations++++++++++++                    Dr. Morad Resume                    Dr. Itzhaki Resume –                  Platform –                Scientific presentation                      Q&A about AEBi solution –                  Two Pager –               General references –                 Ilan’s interview English                 Additional info  PR about the platform    AEBi Cancer concept



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Dan D. Aridor

Chairman of the Board