Science Foundations

An introduction to the nature, practice, power, and limitations of science, as well as relationships between science and religion, and science and society. These topics are explored through the study of selected episodes of scientific discovery that demonstrate methodical and creative aspects of scientific inquiry, and the self-correcting nature of science.

Course Outcomes

   Students will

  • Be able to explain the complementary natures of truth obtained through scientific discovery and through religious inquiry and be able to identify and reconcile apparent conflicts.
  • Be able to explain and apply the process of science to a variety of disciplines and be able to demonstrate how the process of science contributes to the development of scientific knowledge and theories.
  • Be able to Illustrate the process of science in the development of major theories, including the Big Bang theory, the history of the earth, and the theory of evolution.
  • Be able to apply the process of science personally and generally to their daily life.
  • Be able to evaluate the validity of scientific claims.
  • Become excited about discovered truth and appreciate its usefulness in their lives, and will show an increased positive attitude towards scientific knowledge and toward scientists.